Assessment Services

You are looking to quickly identify open source and third party code, and related licensing obligations. An assessment service provides all the benefits of Black Duck's pioneering technology as a tailored service. An Ex Machina consultant performs an automated code scan using the Black Duck Protex server and combines this data with information gathered using other means to compile a report documenting instances of open source and certain third party components in the analyzed code. The result is a fast, secure, simple and thorough analysis of your software intellectual property assets that your legal counsel and/or engineering teams can review and immediately act on.

A number of different scenarios can trigger the need for Ex Machina's Assessment Services. For instance, vendors using Assessment Services to proactively check for open source and third party code in to-be-released software products can rapidly address IP issues before they threaten a product launch schedule.

Our Assessment Services can also address a number of common challenges that can hamper the merger and acquisition process. In fact, by obtaining knowledge about open source components before a transaction occurs, acquiring companies reduce business risks and speed time to market. Acquisition targets, on the other hand, find that the service can improve their bargaining position and ultimately expedite the transaction.

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